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(great) little britain, adam brody, america's next top victim-of-hilarity, andy warhol, angry black-haired boys, baguette music, bands-that-start-with-'the', books as a foodgroup, boys, broccoli, camwhoring on msn, clothes, comparative indiehood, crash dieting, crazy gary oldman, doing the locomotion (with-you), doodling for malta, draco/clara, drama, drawing-anatomically-incorrect-everything, england4eva, enya-related-lulz, everything-happens-for-a-reason-josie, eyeliner, fall out boy, fanfiction-is-my-crack, fez, franz ferdinand (the band-and-the-archduke), garbage-the-band-and-the-thing-itself, getting-kicked-out-of-establishments, goldfrapp, good omens, green day, harry potter, have a banana!, hopeless addiction to coffee, hugs not drugs, imitating tyra banks, jake-gyllenhaal-and-his-technicolour-orange-dress, johnny depp, kaiser chiefs, kissing, kissing-hands-and-shaking-babies, lame quizilla fanfics, laughing, library helpers, loling at macbeth, magical trevor, make up, maroon 5, maryann's boyfriends, maryann's diets, mean girls, michael moscovitz, mixed media notes, monochromatic white stripes, movies, ms paint icons!!!, my chemical romance-as-advanced-kabuki-theatre, neopets lol, orlando bloom, our lady peace, panic! at the disco, panicking! everywhere, pretentious punctuation, riding a white horse, san wah-keen valley, señor draco, shoes-as-my-lifeblood, south park, spongebob, st-theresa-resa-resa-st-theresa-hey, still wanting my mtv, team jana!, that 70s show, the dandy warhols, the marauders, the moomins, the strokes, the-addictive-tackiness-of-gossipgirl, the-literary-significance-of-mc-hammer, the-number-of-calories-in-an-olive, the-only-gay-in-the-village, tinkerbell, urbandictionary it, vicky-pollard-as-a-rolemodel, wah-keen phoenix, wikipedia,